Disaffected youth

Visited a project this afternoon in Derby. It was trying to engage young people in discussions about alcohol abuse and sex. Came away early as it was so utterly depressing that I couldn’t take any more. The girls were clearly not lacking in intelligence and had ideas but first, they’d never had their minds trained to think much for themselves or pay attention for more than 5 seconds, and secondly their experiences are such that their ideas of morality are so different to how you would want.

One of them trotted out the old line that “We only drink because we’ve got nothing else to do” so they were asked what they like to do and none of them could think of anything at all. Their eyes were vapid and utterly empty. They didn’t think having babies at 16 was a bad thing as “anyone can deal with that”.

How have we got to the point where this exists? They had nothing to aspire to, they knew nothing else but continuing the cycle of teenage pregnancies and working in Tesco’s. They had fixed ideas about right and wrong but couldn’t see anything wrong with drug dealers while cheerfully advocating the death penalty for other offences.

And the main thing is as an old leftie, all I could think of was the waste of life. How do you help people like that?

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