Yes I’m later on this than everyone else but I think the conversation is still going.
Anyway, as a regular QT watcher and Tweeter what did I think?

Obviously watching regularly does give you access to the 3 main parties issue dodging every week, but I thought this week they took it to a whole new level.
Clearly briefed only to tell Nick Griffin over again how vile and racist he was, they all managed nicely to avoid the real problem behind the BNP. Which is, obviously, that people are still voting for him.
There were 2 people in the audience who tried to ask about issues that people think are relevant when looking at this and I’m afraid to say that they were both told that the debate would return to that by DD. It didn’t. But issues surrounding Europe and immigration are the very reason the man has a seat in the European Parliament in the first place.

In the CIPR diploma I am currently studying for, we are looking at theories of communication and PR and so many of them talk of a 2-way symmetrical process with both an organisation and its publics. This is so clearly not happening with the main politicla parties at the moment – I don’t understand how they consistently remain so removed from public opinion and so arrogant to think it doesn’t matter.

The worst moment of the programme I thought was saved for near the end when they started to discuss the Jan Moir article about Stephen Gately’s death. To a man, apart from Griffin, who had lost it by then, they all said the same thing – “I didn’t like the article but I defend freedom of speech.” A shameful backing away from what was, to many, a torrent of hate-filled lies. If the Daily Mail had given Griffin the space and freedom Moir had to publish his hateful lies there would have been absolute uproar led by the 3 main parties, but in gay-bashing, for some reason, they don’t really mind that much. If I was a gay person in this country, looking at the rise in homophobic violence, I would be very worried by the casual attitudes displayed towards that article and that newspaper by the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties.

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