Jam cafe appreciation

Having a night away from the research means meeting up with my friend Katy for cake. The Walk features heavily in our usual haunts but this evening we end up at Jam Cafe on Heathcote Street. I think the name probably stems from “jamming” the musical term, but because their cakes are also good I usually associate it with the sweet sticky preserve for toast.

Jame Cafe is run by a bunch of young blokes, who cook everything on the premises, are licensed and run a friendly welcoming cafe with just the right atmosphere. Heavy on retro memorabilia in the form of 1970s furniture and decor, they also feature good music and films (sound off, subtitled) ranging from Ghostbusters to Almost Famous to Warriors. Their bookcase features Dan Brown, Milton and Lonely Planet travel guides.

Food can be a good halloumi salad, lentil stew or just a big plate of cheese on toast, all served fresh up from the kitchen out the back. And don’t get me started on the cakes!

For some reason I find the idea of a bunch of blokes running a cafe with good food slightly unusual and always sit and think (patronisingly) of how proud their mums are of them. But it’s a lovely place to spend an evening and thoroughly recommended by me. Most importantly the staff have no problem with slightly mad customers debating whether Gaslight Anthem really are as good as Springsteen. And anyone who can deal with me blathering on deserves lots of repeat custom.

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