50,000 complete – just the entire thing to rewrite now…

The planned blog post for week 3 of NaNoWriMo didn’t materialise. I decided that I wasn’t going to write anything that wasn’t a) something at work for work or b) not the novel. Analysing what I was doing was not necessary because I was basically just trying to finish it. It got a bit grim. But having inherited a “sheer bloody mindedness” gene (it’s a useful one to have) I have managed to reach the 50,000 target! Relief.

I took yesterday off writing as a celebration. I’ve got the habit of writing every day now so I’m back to it today. And here’s my problem. They tell you that “you’ll need encouragement to get the 50,000 written in the month” so I told everyone what I was doing. (Thank you to all of you who’ve done and said encouraging things, I really appreciate it) But you all know I’m finished now, some are asking when they can read it and others are asking what I’ll be writing next.

I need to apply the same discipline from the last 27 days to the redrafting. Yet somewhow this actually seems harder than when I was faced with a blank page. What to cut is easy. What to add or change to improve it is less so. Ensuring I find all the holes in the plot, the flaws in the characterisation and the general writing style is downright terrifying. I have just downloaded a piece of software that may help me but there’s a part of me that thinks that’s really just a procrastination technique. I should just get on with it.

So, before I embark on the next part of this process, let me finish my thank yous. These go to:
1, East Midlands trains – for having laptop plugs, tables and an atmosphere that is generally quite uncomfortable and therefore forces you to concentrate on writing. My most productive days were those where I had long train journeys.
2, Tea. Don’t think this needs explaining.
3, I Am Kloot – for providing much of the soundtrack to my writing experience. Majestic, inspirational and downright brilliant. A chapter is named in your honour – thank you.
4, All you chaps who wrote, said or tweeted helpful and encouraging comments. Bless you all – but I’ll need a bit more if that’s ok…

And now the redraft begins. I have some ideas of what needs changing but there’ll be a longer list by the time I’ve read it through the first time. Wish me luck.

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