Quick, write something on the blog…

Yes I know I haven’t been on here for over a month. December was busy, ok? But I’d better get something on here or I’ll look like one of those people who start every blog post with “I really mean to write more on this blog…”

First up – a quick recap of the past year:
I wrote a novel
I passed my post-graduate diploma with Distinction
I helped save BBC 6 Music
I learnt to crochet
I swore a lot

And so goodbye to 2010!

Here’s a quick update of the novel rewriting. It’s coming on strong! I’ve got as far as moving things about to fit with the structure and thinking through the plot holes before making plans to putty them up. It’s coming together. And now I know what the novel is about, I’m also doing some research! I’m aiming to have the second draft completed by the end of January, first week of Feb at the latest and then one lucky person (that’ll be my husband then) gets to read it. Verdict 1. I imagine more frantic rewriting will then ensue. Or divorce. I’ve been simultaneously encouraged and terrified by the number of people whose opinion I trust have said that they want to read it. It’s nice that they think I can write something but awful in case they hate it. How do people do this for a living?

Anyway, aside from that, I feel I ought to update the blog more often so really I need a plan. I think I’ll have to set myself another challenge. I can’t really think of anything much so here is a list of things I would like to achieve this year and then I’ll pledge to update you on them on a regular basis. Please note, this is NOT a list of resolutions as I don’t do resolutions. This is merely a wish list acting as a kick up the backside.
1, Finish the book (an obvious one)
2, Resume guitar playing
3, Stop biting my fingernails
4, Make more crafty stuff – I’ve just been sorting through my patterns which were in danger of falling all over the spare room floor. MASSIVELY inspired now to make all of them.
5, Get a new job. My contract runs out in 11 months time.
6, Get a Glastonbury resale ticket (probably won’t blog about this one – I’ve got one, yay/ I haven’t got one, boo – is all you can say)
7, Read more
8, NaNoWriMo next November. So I’ll need a sequel. Or, if Mr Basfordian hates it, then I’ll need a completely different tack.
9, Run better – further or faster or both
10, Feel like I need a tenth one to finish the list off. Nice round number. But what? Suggestions on a comment box please…

That’ll do. I really do mean to write more on this blog… Gah! I’ve finished with it instead. I also mean to put more pictures in.

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2 Responses to Quick, write something on the blog…

  1. Emma Davies says:

    Skype best friend in New Zealand more!!!!!!!!! and share all crafty ideas with the Southern Hemisphere.

  2. basfordianthoughts says:

    Ah, such polite nagging from afar. Yes ok. Sorry.
    10, Skype best friend in New Zealand more!

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