Delving deep

So it must be time for a book update – no? I was aiming to get the second draft finished by the end of January, a deadline which slipped a little. But I now consider anything from today onwards as Draft Three (if it’s capitalised then it’s official…)

The second draft was to smooth out the plot discrepancies, get some research and factual stuff in and condense the storyline to fit within a week. Done! You may have witnessed my Facebook horror at one point when I realised there was practically a whole day missing – a temporary lapse only.

So now there’s structure! What next? The original plan was to ask someone to read it for feedback. But in restructuring I’ve figured out what’s missing. So now to tackle that. And this is going to be hard.

It’s one thing to insert order and reorganise stuff, it’s quite another to add the necessary detail that’s still needed. I need to write about one man’s rapid descent into madness. I need to do this while ensuring that he stays sympathetic and that his little ticks and traits are not portrayed in a cruel or comical manner. I need to add some internal characterisation. I need to work if my sneaking suspicion is right – do they all talk the same? I need to add in some kind of detail – it’s all a bit sparse. And I need to finish all the missing scenes.

I thought that the hardest thing about the redrafting was writing on a non-blank page. But I’ve solved that by writing on a blank page for each new part. No problem. What is actually the hardest part is feeling like the whole thing’s got way beyond me and that I’m not up to the task. Before, when I thought I was just writing a straightforward crime murder novel, it was easy. It was something I was doing for fun. I should have known it wouldn’t stay like that – I’m a nitpicking perfectionist with what seems to be an unquashable dark side. I have no idea what I’m doing now.

Once again, I need to draw on my reserves of sheer bloodymindedness. But if anyone wants to offer help or at least make me a cup of tea in support then I’ll take that too.

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2 Responses to Delving deep

  1. Nicholas Blake says:

    I genuinely am impressed (and intrigued!) that you’ve gone so far with this. Very impressed.

    If there’s anything you think I could do to help then just say! After all, making a decent cup of tea has always eluded me.

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