30 Days of Lists

I don’t know about you but I’m loving these online collaborative creative projects. Now displaying my NaNoWriMo winners certificate on the wall, while five, yes five! people read the first chapter, and I carry on with the third draft, I am also involved with two more online collaborations.

The first is a charm quilt swap – eight squares of quilting fabric each to 17 people across the globe. I’ve received most of the squares now and spent the weekend on my hands and knees designing a large quilt using about half of them. What to do with the rest? Probably another quilt – the one I started at the weekend is pretty straightforward but I want to make one made up of quilted houses and trees. (Mr Basfordian: “What will we do with all those quilts?” Me: “Keep warm under them once we’ve invaded Libya and there’s no oil and gas left, dear. I’m future proofing…”)

The second project I only discovered yesteray. 30 days of lists starts tomorrow (before you point out that March has 31 days, apparently they’ve got that covered.) An art journal for crafty arty types geeky enough to like lists – how I love lists! And this also means that I get to make a notebook in order to be prepared for the first list, tomorrow! Notebooks and lists – oh, it’s perfect for me.

Why not finish one project before starting another? Well, first up that’s just dull! I like variety. But mainly I just want to try everything. And if work is gong to get any more unfulfilling then I’ll need all the creative projects I can get. Which reminds me, at some point I need to take time out to update my CV. (Another list, of sorts…)

Updates to follow. But I don’t think it’s too late to join in with 30 days of lists yourself!

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