Blogging every day Wednesday part 2

I imagine that blogs written by men that detail everything they do in a day probably won’t mention as much domestic stuff as this one might. For a start it’s boring to write about (and do) and, let’s just come out with it, they just don’t do as much of it as women do. I’ll try and keep the detailing to a minimum but in order to find out just how busy I am then there does need to be some honesty about this.

First up, the meeting was a team meeting for the chaps behind I’m a member of the team – we’re a voluntary collective of creative types – and are currently undergoing something of a transition period. So we were exploring our purpose for doing the site and looking at ways of improving the content, clarification of roles and responsibilities and so on. Currently we take turns to blog for a week at a time, taking content sent to our email address and Twitter feed. It is a lot of work and the blogging week can feel quite pressured. It’s a lovely group of people and I do enjoy being part of it but I think we’re all concerned about the amount of time it takes to do as well as what our purpose as a site actually is.

Back home in time to catch Gideon Coe on 6 Music and the end of Marc Riley’s show – a rousing chorus of Wichita Lineman. One of the reasons I love 6 Music so much is the frequency of Wichita Lineman in the tracklistings. You’d think it was a Radio 2 thing but no. If I’d thought of it at the time I would have put that down as a genuine reason to save it last year during the consultation for closure.

Anyway, Gideon Coe is a regular part of my weekday evenings and in many ways an unsung hero. If I had my way he’d be up there with National Treasure status alongside Alan Bennett and David Attenborough. He is the soundtrack to my domestic tasks – fitting a new lightbulb in the dining room, framing a new photo of my nephew, roasting some peppers for a pasta sauce for lunch tomorrow (see, Simon did go shopping) and general tidying. There’s always something lying about in our house, partly because it’s so small and partly because we’re busy! Simon has spent 10 hours ie all day doing his project today and is happy to have finished it. But there are books open lying around everywhere. Tidying and general clear up is surely one of the most common tasks I do – it’s not that we’re messy people – I always like to have a bit of order though. Lived in but not too much. Otherwise it builds up and I tend to go a bit crazy.

I need to update my 30 Days of Lists photos on Flickr but I’m nervous of overloading the computer. It was infected with spyware last week and hasn’t been the same since. I’ve been doing the lists and photographing them but uploading them may be an issue – the photo thing keeps crashing the computer. I’ll save it for the weekend when I’m not as tired as I am now. But today’s list is “Guilty Pleasures”. All I can think of is music really, does anyone have any other kind of guilty pleasure?

Until tomorrow.

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