Blog daily diary – Thursday

Day 2. It’s lunchtime at work and I’ve taken the opportunity to bash this out very quickly over my pasta.

I woke up at 5.30am with a blazing headache, took some Nurofen and went back to bed. Somehow I also managed to turn off my alarm rather than snoozing it at 6.41am when it went off and overslept a little. Luckily everyone else in the office was mostly later than me so no-one noticed. I had 2 large bags with me today as I’m off on a overnight trip to Manchester and want to use my laptop on the train. I write very well on trains – they are my second favourite way to travel (after walking) though of course in this country the train companies try their damndest to make the experience as unpleasant as possible. Of course that may be why I work well on them – plug in ipod and laptop and concentrate on other things for 2 hours.

It’s another lovely day and I am in a dilemma about clothing. I don’t want to take too much stuff but need to look vaguely presentable tomorrow so that means boots (haven’t got round to summery sensible looking shoes.) Bare legs though means I can’t wear ankle boots without looking like an idiot so knee highs it must be. Also don’t have a suitable summer coat so am wearing my winter jacket. Too warm really.

Simon is checking the peregrine falcon web cam over breakfast – they nest and breed on the side of one of Trent Uni’s buildings and the Nottingham Wildlife Trust has a camera up there. The birds have laid an egg and this morning the mother is sitting on it, all fluffed up.

The walk is soundtracked by I Am Kloot – I’m increasingly drawn to them as Elbow seem to be bordering on sentimental a bit too much for me. I like a bit of an edge. Having said that, the nicest thing about the walk today was the sight of a dog capering round a field of daffodils on the edge of the Forest Recreation ground.

In the office we have a quick meeting about a briefing paper we need to compile for the England Director who visits us next Friday. I get to write the paper with contributions from everyone else. This is actually something I enjoy and has the added benefit of giving me something to do next week. It feels like tasks are running a bit thin here at the moment. This is usually how I feel right before about 27 major things kick off so should really enjoy the slack days…

It’s loud in here today – most of us are in and the conversation runs its usual course through football and TV programmes. I have trouble trying to concentrate during these and tend to plug the ipod in then as well. It’s also very warm – the windows face the sun during the day so it’s like working in a greenhouse.

A message on Facebook from my mate Liam to confirm we’re meeting up tonight. Haven’t seen him for years so am looking forward to it. And a final note to say my other lunchtime viewing is the BBC cricket live text – Australia have scored 360 against India in the first World Cup Quarter Final. Come on India!

Laptop and dongle permitting, the next couple of these may be a bit delayed. I’ll write them, whether I’ll be able to post them is another matter…

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