Luck – bad and good

So there I am promising more regular blog posts when my laptop coughs, splutters and finally dies a death. One wiped hard drive, a few weeks and £60 later, I’m back. I could regard this as a sign to blog less, I suppose… But I won’t.

So what have you missed? Not an awful lot to be honest. But I wanted to write briefly about 30 Days of Lists which I started doing at the beginning of March and finished yesterday. For those of you who missed me blogging about this to start with, some ladies in America set out an online challenge involving making lists and lots of stationery. Of course I was in. I love both.

The project was excellent fun – a prompt every day and a resulting list. I still need to upload all my photos to Flickr. But here’s a few sample lists:

Least favourite words
“I’m not being funny but…”;
Action (when misused as a verb)
Prime Minister David Cameron.

Lessons learned
Always, no matter how tired or drunk you are, remove your eye makeup at night
Poetry written by someone with a drug problem is usually terrible
Never read a book with a boat on the over
Angel Delight isn’t as nice as it used to be

I’ll spare you the list I wrote the day they asked for the contents of my handbag. Still impressive how much I can fit in it… In passing, if asked what my favourite words are I would say haberdashery, twilight, beguiling and daisies.

The list making can be surprisingly disturbing – there weren’t many that delve into the past but a lot of them set me thinking about the present and future. This project was definitely one reason I felt a bit stuck in a funk these last few weeks – but the great thing is if you recognise that and start to make plans. Which I have. And I’ve been helped out today by a real stroke of luck at work – which means my longed-for writing retreat is on the agenda for next week at a cheaper cost than I could ever have hoped.

Anyway, my friend Emma has now decided to continue the challenge by doing 30 Days of Photos and has sent through a list of prompts for me to take pictures of and a load of paper-frames to sit them in. My list is more haphazard since, of course, it got wiped off the hard drive and I had to do it again. I’ve already got a few pics but I think the best thing to do will be to take a lot and weed out the bad ones at a planned date.

In the meantime I leave you with the best thing I saw last week – on a train, from one of those real life magazines. Here are the headlines from the cover:
Drinking at 9, Dying at 22
This man dates dolls
Beautiful bride ruined down below

And my personal favourite:
Born with No Arms (because I defied doctors)

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