30 pictures in 30 days

You may remember my brief piece about 30 Days of Lists – an online challenge set by a group of US blogging types involving making a list for every day in March. Pics on Flickr if you fancy it… Emma and I really enjoyed this and set ourselves the challenge of doing something similar this month. She’s a photo person, is Emma, so it’s a picture challenge. And as you can see I’m on the ball blogging for the first time about a month challenge on the 14th of that month.

So here’s the challenge and from tomorrow I’ll start sticking up pictures and subsequent thoughts.

In the following month you must take and print the following photos. Post production is allowed.
1. A sunrise
2. A sunset
3. An impressive building
4. Black and white
5. A body part
6. Something ugly but beautiful
7. Something you would hate to lose
8. Water
9. The future
10. Art
11. Happiness
12. Beautiful words
13. One colour
14. An animal
15. A plant
16. Contrast
17. Darkness
18. A picture that breaks the rule of a good photograph
19. The past
20. An achievement
21. Symmetry
22. Cake
23. Silence
24. Texture
25. The letter S
26. Roads
27. Light
28. Numbers
29. A face
30. Something hidden

These will not be posted up in that order. They will be posted up in whatever order I want! And if anyone has any ideas on how I’m going to photograph a sunrise in April that doesn’t involve me getting up at some godforsaken time then please share.

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