How organised should a notebook for ideas be? I find myself looking to the future with my writing and am suddenly overcome with ideas. Floating around my brain at the moment are revisions to two short stories already in strong draft form, two more short stories and a variety of plotlines for the follow up novel. And I knocked out 2,000 words in short story form on Saturday morning on something that’s been incubating in my brain for some time.

So I ought to do something about them. Time, as usual, is the problem – the day job and the evening volunteer role this week will take precedence but that isn’t a problem too much. As I’ve said before, the week is for exploring ideas and brewing over stuff while I walk and work, and the weekend is for writing proper. So I need notebooks.

Well, actually I don’t. I’ve got loads of them. I love stationery. But should they be more organised or will that scupper the creativity? The thing is, I guess, with so many ideas, I usually scribble them down on whatever’s handy (and I do carry a notebook at all times) and then try and make sense of them days, weeks or months later.

Perhaps I should have a novel notebook and a short story notebook with headings.

But then I’d also need a “general vague ideas and things that might inspire me later” notebook.

Or I could continue with what I’ve got, piles of books, bits of paper and half forgotten ideas floating around in my brain and handbag.

An internet gimmick this week told me I write like Gertrude Stein. I bet she didn’t rely on scribbles on the back of tram tickets.

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