Why Music Matters

You may have seen this organisation. If you haven’t yet I recommend them. Anyway, I was listening to first Radio 4 and then BBC 6 Music one day last week, or it may have been the week before, when I heard two phrases that sparked all sorts of loveliness in my head. Just the turn of phrase used in each interview was inspiring. I wrote them both down, mulled them over and want to write a story about them. I have an idea.

The problem was, they were both about music. I’m not good at writing about music. When people describe something, how a piece makes them feel or how it developed in the studio there seems to be a language used that eludes me. So I’m hesitant about trying to get this down in a story. As a result, in the next couple of weeks I shall be trying a writing experiment on this blog.

There are two things I want to look at. Basically, why should it matter how you write about music? And why does music matter?

So I’m going to write (in a broad sense) about my five favourite albums and why they are important to me. In doing so, I might stumble across something to write about in this story that’s floating around my head. Or I might not.

As a heads up, I’ll list the albums here so you know what to avoid. In no particular order:

REM – Automatic for the People; Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run; Tom Waits – Closing Time; Carole King – Tapestry and Elbow – Leaders of the Free World

It’s kind of a music-as-biography kind of thing. Like that Facebook 30 songs in 30 days but different.

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