Winning, and an odd bit of litter

Two things happened today. The first was a little odd, the second was just unexpected.

I walk to work, as many of you know, and this morning was ambling down Mansfield Road when I spotted something lying on the pavement. “Hang on,” I thought. “That’s a pregnancy test!” Now I couldn’t just walk on by – I had to know what it said. Apparently some people think that’s odd. But I just had loads of questions about it.

  • Who is she?
  • What does it say?
  • How did it get there? Did she drop it in a rush to tell someone else the result? Or did she fling it out the window in a rage?
  • If positive, is she happy or terrified or furious or just massively confused?
  • If negative, is she sad or relieved or a bit of both?

And they were just the first questions I thought of. I looked about, saw there were people coming, browsed casually in a shop window till they’d gone past and then had a good look. It had a pink handle and there was a line in the round window, not the square window. A trip to Boots beckoned – I had to know what it meant.

By the time I’d got to town I’d thought up all kinds of possible scenarios for her. I was quite nervous really. To Boots.

First Response do pink tipped tests. It looks like it was negative. This has, of course, only answered a couple of questions and clearly I’m doomed never to know the answers to the rest. I hope she isn’t too sad. Or too relieved for that matter. A bit of regret’s good for you.

So, daily distraction over! When I got home there were two parcels waiting for me. One was a replacement Mooncup after I melted my first one sterilising it (don’t ask). The other was a surprise! I’d entered a competition at Writers Cafe a few weeks ago – they’d given a number of prompts and asked for entries. And I am a winner! So it’s not the Booker but I feel just as excited by winning. This is the first thing I’ve entered in any kind of competitive judging respect so it’s a big deal for me.

In case you wanted to read the winning entry then you might like to visit the Writers Cafe website!

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