The 2nd every day blogging challenge

I tried this a few months ago and my laptop died after 2 days so it didn’t really work. But I’m curious to see how much mileage I can get out of one week so I shall attempt to put something up from my day. If I fail it may be that I’m just not cut out to blog every day or it may be that my days are terribly dull. Time will tell.

As I type, Moroccan spiced vegetables are simmering on the stove and I am trying to clear up after a weekend’s making a couple of journals to keep story ideas in. As much as I love buying stationery, the pristine white pages scare me so I like to make my own scribbling books for ideas. There is now paper and glue all over the spare room.

Today being a Bank Holiday I actually had a day off with my husband, which makes a nice change. It’s been rare, the last year, for us to spend more than a few hours in the evening together. We packed up a flask and went for a walk through Ticknall and Calke Abbey. Walking up the driveway to Calke Abbey, (it’s a lovely lime-tree lined avenue) we were passed by a man and his wife both riding bicycles. The man’s bike drew a trailer behind it and in the trailersat a small white dog. It was wearing goggles.

Why anyone would do this, I don’t know. The dog wore a patient “I’m just humouring them” kind of expression.

I got the giggles. I wanted to take a picture but thought I might offend them by spluttering.

We had a mini picnic by the banks of ‘Betty’s Pond’ and were joined by a single goose (I nicknamed him Roddy) who swam beneath our feet, did a little shimmy and waggled his tail feathers at us. For this display we fed him pastry crumbs.

This afternoon I finished reading the first title from the Guardian First Book Award longlist as I’m in one of the reading groups at Waterstone’s who whittle the longlist down from 10 to a shortlist of 5. (I’m not allowed to say which book it was (longlist is embargoed till 2nd September) but in short, it was ok on the surface but when you started thinking about it you realised it didn’t hold up. Luckily most of us thought this – the first group was this evening.

Other achievements today:

  • finding an alternative venue for my writing group now The Walk is refurbishing
  • stewing 2 bags of plums we brought home from Ticknall
  • various admin stuff for Creative Nottingham

That’s it! Now to knit. Till tomorrow…

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