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Why Music Matters: Carole King Tapestry

Ah, I hear you say, but Carole King can’t sing for toffee! Does that matter? One of the most influential songwriters of the latter 20th century, creator of one of the most controversial (of its time) songs of the Sixties, yes, … Continue reading

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Post-grad research

In case anyone is interested in what I’m researching about and wondering why I keep sending out surveys and updates, here is the outline proposal for my post-grad Diploma in Public Relations. The hardest thing so far is not going … Continue reading

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Lucy Jordan had a point…

Have been mentally bashing myself up recently. Went for a job interview – my line manager’s job and something that I can do, also a lot of which I have been doing over recent months. Completely succumbed to nerves in … Continue reading

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